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Talent Shortage Solution Option

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

People. People. People. Business owners mention “talent” as their number one concern. And they should!! People take businesses from a legal entity on paper into a productive force in a community. People – employees, customers, vendors – are the most important factor in business at all times - not just when there is a talent shortage.

The focus of late has been finding quality, committed talent. An untapped opportunity is the entrepreneurial community! In most communities, there are small business owners who would love the opportunity to work with large industry/corporations. In our community, there are extremely talented human resource consultants, videographers, writers, special event professionals, film producers, project managers, etc. Small businesses provide focused expertise, cross pollination of ideas and entrepreneurial drive. Much is made about “shop local” how much more impactful it would be if we hired local, worked local and supported local.

Over the last 50 years the workforce landscape has changed from working at one place until retirement, to changing companies a couple times but doing the same type of work, to entirely changing careers a couple times, to what we are facing today.

“Wholly Fractionalized Work©” is our description of working for several companies while focusing on a specific area of expertise. What a person does is “wholly” focused, who they do it for is “fractionalized”. This approach allows companies to tap into deeper expertise across more areas. It also allows them to pivot as their markets require. It builds the entrepreneurial community which is a driving force for any local economy.

As the workforce continues to morph, change management, clear communication and shared accountability will be required to successfully move towards “wholly fractionalized work”.

Does anyone know of a community intentionally connecting entrepreneurs with local industry?

Companies struggling to find exceptional talent, are you looking at entrepreneurs in your area?

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