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Elizabeth Pease

30 years of experience focused on the “people” side of business through organizational development, executive and career coaching, management and development of employee engagement programs has reinforced my belief that people are unique!  Creativity, inspiration and humor are some of my motivators and I am blessed to be able to incorporate all of these in my role.


Utilizing the experience and expertise gained working for large corporations, small businesses and start-ups, I officially (aka legally) founded Intentional Legacy (501c3) in 2013, and The Intentionals (LLC) in 2022.  Over the years we have expanded our services to focus on organizations, entrepreneurs and students.  I love being able to do what I do; for and with people I admire! 


Jordan Pease

I had the privilege of living and serving in Haiti for three years, and during that time I learned more about how I was wired and how to apply that to my life. I was able to experience tremendous joy in Haiti because I was doing what I was created to do. Now, working for The Intentionals I

have the opportunity to encourage others so they can experience that same joy! 

I've been with the team since December of 2019, and my role here continues to capitalize on how I am uniquely wired.  As a detail and process person, my responsibilities include office management and the administration side of The Intentionals. 

Katie Joy Pease

Over the years I have had different opportunities to serve others

including tutoring students in less than ideal environments, working as a camp counselor and then recruiter at a high adventure camp, and

teaching English as a second language. Each of these (seemingly unrelated) positions has continued to grow in me a passion for helping people overcome internal and external obstacles in achieving their inherent potential. 


I came on board in October of 2020 and am so grateful for the opportunity to continue this passion through the work we do at The Intentionals!!

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Certified Coach

Fredericktown, Missouri

Brittany Tucker

Education is fundamental to who I was created to be. With five years experience in public education, including special education, and three years experience in teaching English and administration in Haiti, I discovered my heart for education lies with teaching, guiding and helping others discover who they are meant to be. I am deeply motivated by a desire to learn and gather intentional information to do these things effectively. The joy in my heart to have the opportunity to continue pursuing education that is beyond the classroom is unexplainable.


I am brand new to the team at The Intentionals becoming certified in the summer of 2023 and officially announcing my role as an Intentionals Coach in November of 2023. I am excited to see where this opportunity takes me as I have the privilege of working with this team. I am humbled to be a part of helping people discover and pursue their unique purpose just as The Intentionals did for me.

Courtney Thompson

With a background in international ministry and secondary education, I have a strong passion for impacting others. As a teacher, I enjoy helping students learn skills that will support them in many different aspects of life beyond high school. I believe each person, regardless of background and experience, has a distinct purpose and can thrive by utilizing their unique, abilities and perspective.  


I became a certified coach with The Intentionals in 2023 and am thrilled to be a part of a team with a genuine desire to intentionally support people in their careers and passions.  

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Certified Coach

Augusta, GA

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Certified Coach

Marietta, GA

Willie Kîbirû

I began my life journey in the shadow of Mt. Kenya, in the small village of Githumu, Murang'a County, Kenya. My formal education took me to Nairobi, where I had the privilege of interacting with children from diverse cultures. This exposure to diversity only grew as I entered college and later migrated to America. I've been blessed to connect with people from around the world, both personally and professionally. What excites me is the unique essence of every individual, regardless of the systems they operate within. Reflecting on my childhood, I remember the curiosity and playfulness that drove us to build structures and disassemble electronics to understand how they worked. When I'm curious, I'm productive, and learning about others fills me with life.


My hope is to continue meeting people and being part of their extraordinary journeys, partnering in the systems they create to celebrate God and our individuality. 

Jason Fleeman

25+ years experience coaching state, sectional, and national athletes both on and off the tennis court.  People is my passion, especially high school aged and young adults looking for someone to take the journey with them.  Thinking outside the box, motivation, and occasionally asking hard questions (without judgement) allows me to help others attain both short and long term success. 


One of my favorite quotes is from Henry Ford “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.”  Self-belief is essential to become the person God made you to be.  God gave me the talent to listen, motivate, and support others.  I want to use that talent to help you to be the best version of yourself!


Certified Coach

Acworth, GA


Christy Bertsch

God has given me a heart for people and a mind for numbers.  Growing up in a Real Estate household and being in the industry for 20 years instilled in me a strong sense of integrity. Working with United First Financial further grew my love for helping individuals in achieving financial freedom.  Recently, as Chief Executive Administrator at an environmental firm, I managed financial operations and leveraged my proficiency in QuickBooks to streamline processes.  

As a part of The Intentionals and as someone who genuinely enjoys the precision of bookkeeping, I’m thrilled to offer my experience to enable others to pursue their passions.

Beyond my professional life, I'm deeply committed to spiritual growth, health advocacy, and empowering others to become healthier versions of themselves so they can do God’s will. Additionally, I find joy in dog training, embracing a holistic approach to life's endeavors.

Sylvia Alvarez

A radical salvation encounter with Jesus Christ in 2013 triggered a dramatic and powerful inner transformation in Sylvia’s life which inevitably impacted how she operated in the marketplace. As the CFO of a large recruiting firm, Sylvia began to apply what she saw in scripture to everything she did in the workplace. She quickly discovered that God’s word works!

As a now Spirit-filled business discipler and Kingdom Leadership Coach, Sylvia empowers Christian business leaders and their Christian/non-Christian employees with practical and powerful ways to bring the transformative power of the living gospel to the business space. By combining her 15 years as a CFO with what she has learned as a disciple of Jesus Christ, Sylvia has seen financial, marital, managerial miracles and more simply by applying the examples she observed in scripture to common challenges experienced by all businesses. It is now Sylvia’s joy and passion to partner with people and businesses to bring health to the finances, people and teams in organizations in order to advance the kingdom of God.

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